Bully App Challenge Quiz #1

Answer the following questions by making the BEST CHOICE!

1. Most bullying typically takes place at the following times and places:

Outside of school
All the above

2. Which of the following statements about the ways in which boys and girls bully is true?:

Boys bully physically and girls bully with words
Girls bully physically and boys bully with words
Girls and boys bully the same way
Girls and boys bully using combinations of physical and verbal

3. When a bully harasses another kid, the victims tend to be which of the following:

About the same age
Bullies will pick on older kids, kids their age, and younger kids

4. When children are bullied, they tend to do which of the following in response to the bullying incident:

They immediately tell a teacher
They immediately tell a parent
They immediately tell a principal
Keep the incident to themselves

5. The age period in which children bully the most is the following:

Elementary school
Middle school
Elementary and middle school
High school

6. Do bullying happens most when adults are present:


7. Children who bullies have which of the following:

Low self-esteem
All the above

8. Children who bullies say that they have:

High levels of social skills and social intelligence
High levels of social, poor social intelligence
Low levels of social skills and poor social intelligence
Low levels of social skills, strong social intelligence

9. Which of the following is true about people being bullied?:

They don't like to tell nobody
They don't like to talk to nobody
They tell everybody
None of the above

10. What do bullies tend to bully you for?:

The way your shoes look
The way you dress
All the above