Character Counts!

Answer the following questions by making the BEST CHOICE!

1. A student who is being bullied might show signs of:

Answer 1a
Answer 1b
Answer 1c
Answer 1d

2. When you see a student being bullied, you can help by:

Answer 2a
Answer 2b
Answer 2c
Answer 2d

3. You are adding the negative bullying effects when you:

Answer 3a
Answer 3b
Answer 3c
Answer 3d

4. Question 4:

Answer 4a
Answer 4b
Answer 5c
Answer 6c

5. Question 5:

Answer 5a
Answer 5b
Answer 5c
Answer 5d

6. Question 6:

Answer 6a
Answer 6b
Answer 6c
Answer 6d

7. Question 7:

Answer 7a
Answer 7b
Answer 7c
Answer 7d

8. Question 8:

Answer 8a
Answer 8b
Answer 8c
Answer 8d

9. Question 9:

Answer 9a
Answer 9b
Answer 9c
Answer 9d

10.Question 10:

Answer 10a
Answer 10b
Answer 10c
Answer 10d