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The NBA (No Bullying Allowed) Team of students from the senior-level advanced programming class and other students from the app development class chose a keystone semester project about the serious problem of bullying. We see the problem everyday and we as a school family want to do something about it. After succesfully completing a recent digital storytelling project done in comics, we realized that many students have special talents in illustration and storytelling. We wanted to continue to use those skills in a project that could have some good. As a Bradley Tech family, we stand up for others and want to make a difference in our society.

The Bully Problem

Bullying is a problem that never goes away, and might be getting worse because of the misuse of social media. Bullying is something not many people like to address for its many negative outcomes. Victims often feel alone without a good solution. Our app tackles bullying by presenting the pictures and words that victims are facing. We show that bullying is wrong and make suggestions of how to better deal with it. We feel that some parents don’t take their kids seriously when they hear about their bullying. Here at Bradley Tech, the staff helps support those who are being bullied in any type of way. Our intentions are to find a way to show people how serious this is and how bullying can be successfully dealt with. It may even get a bully to change his or her ways. So we hope that our app can do some good in the world.

Solving the Problem

We spoke to bullied victims and a staff member described the support methods that our school and district are using. We quickly learned that bullying is a bigger problem than we realized and how bad it can be from the view of victims. We all became really passionate about the problem and wanted to get to work on how an app can provide tools, but mostly information and support for the victims.
After research online and searching the app markets, we found many resources about bullying but none had a theme like ours. We feel it is very unique and creates a close connection to young people. There is an app that was created to anonymously report bullying (TipNow) and we used their existing idea of participating schools registering for the app service. We haven’t found any other apps that allow bully reporting in our area, and it certainly would be used here in Milwaukee and around the state.

Addressing the Problem

Our app will have lots of illustrated and audio stories and will focus on the victim’s perspective of being bullied. Our teammates have created dramatic and sometimes sad endings that would really move people, and then we offer an alternative ending that would warm people hearts. Some people that are being bullied try to solve their problems by suicide. Our app attacks that terrible outcome. We made a “rethink” or “rewind” button and the audience can undo the bullying by watching an alternate ending which promotes a different decision by the victim. The button would rewind to a moment the victim was bullied and some other event would happen; such as a teacher stepping in.
Other features include a possible way to anonymously report bullying by using our “Tell-A-Text” tool that will send a message to a school administrator. We also want to make audio conversations with bully victims that will include even more stories and tips. This will be our audio library.

Our Process

We came up with these stories and the components of the app by sitting around a table and brainstorming. We had lots of ideas. We also used our idea/mapping whiteboard and laid out how our app might look. We thought making a mobile web app would be the best way to get a feel for our project.
The concept of our app is the consequences of bullying to the victims. What if the bullying was addressed right away? Maybe even resolved? What if there was a “rewind button”? We are creating an app that tells the stories of the victims with alternate endings. The negative and positive impacts may open eyes to the consequences of bullying. The app will help some people be able to express themselves more confidently. We also have included quizzes that will educate everybody about specific topics of bullying. Each quiz will promote effort in order to move to the next challenge. When they get at least seven questions correct they can advance to the next level. We hope that this app boosts knowledge and confidence in order for more people to be proactive and effective in dealing with the problem.
We started with our stories, then we came up with the drawings, then we had some of the teammates put the photos into Photoshop. Once they were in Photoshop, they added text and callouts to it and they made it look like a comic strip, which are very popular with young readers. Other students used their web development skills and applied past lessons to make the quizzes. It wasn’t hard using HTML because we have some experience. We all have unique and individual skills, but you can see all the creativity and hard work that we had put into this App Challenge. We hope that is persuasive, educational and a tool to get more people supporting bullied victims. As a Tech family we stand up for others and we want to make a difference in our society.

Applying Stem

STEM, Citizenship, Classroom

The NBA (No Bullying Allowed) Team applied some of our past classroom lessons of using web programming languages, such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, in developing interactive web pages meant for mobile devices. We started with storyboarding, which led to sketches, which were then scanned and imported into Photoshop for resizing and adding text elements. We combined these digital images into vertical comic strips panels, and used tools for mobile display methods.
These exercises apply to the STEM standard 10, which develops an understanding of the role of troubleshooting, research and development, invention and innovation, and experimentation in problem solving. We used some mobile development toolkits to assist our design, tested and made modifications for the various operating systems that would view our mobile app, and looked for other existing technologies to accomplish our goals that included animation effects and interactive JS quizzes.
We use analytical thinking in determining the best solutions and linear thinking for developing the project from start to finish. We feel that technology can sometimes be used to help society, making us better citizens.

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